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First Women Film Festival

8 – 10 February, 2008 at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Art in Bishkek

“Amalthea – women in Central Asia” is designed to be a long-term project with its emphasis on cross-border partnerships and the cultural cooperation of countries in Central Asia and is specifically focused on gender theme. Project aims to strengthen the potential of women in Central Asia bringing the gender thematic to a wide audience and to affect through art to the awareness for the manifold aspects of the issue. Festival will help to identify various types of paradigms and archetypes of female identity, and further promotion of a new female self-understanding in an open society.

Who protects a woman – man, society, or government?

Is a woman - beauty, mystery, art or just solving daily problems, fighting with public opinion and winning the recognition in business? Does a woman need protection? How to understand and solve her problems?

Festival organizers, «Dialog Central», Association for dialogue with Central Asia through art, science, education and social concerns in Vienna, in partnership with «Koldoo», Social Unit in Bishkek, believe that visual arts are capable to impact the perception of any problem in deeper sense, therefore they decided in their films and photographs to reflect the most vital social problems of Central Asia.

Documentary films show the real-life issues and female lifestyles in both public and private spheres of women living in several social environments. Creative experience shows the understanding of women's role as well as the conventions, traditions and customs and perspectives of gender specificity in the context of their social status.

For artists and filmmakers from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, it is an opportunity to come into a direct and active dialogue to continue further exchanges between the civil societies of these countries.

Festival program includes:

  • Documentary films including discussions with film directors from the participating countries and experts on gender issues.

  • Photo exhibition "Tortures of Beauty”, Oksana Shatalova, Kazakhstan.

  • Presentation of business woman type "Women in NGO".

Press-conference takes place at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Art on 8th February 2008, at 11 a.m. and is conducted by "" Information agency.

For any additional information, please refer to:, mob. Bishkek +996 (0) 777 717-511, Vienna +43 (0) 664 787-04-46, mob. Bishkek +996 (0) 543 922-766