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we kindly invite you and your friends for the opening

friday 31th october 2008 at 8pm

special guests at ausstellungsraum gerhart scholz 
> gumpendorferstraße 23, 1060 wien

  Christoph Grill (A)

  Shailo Djekshenbaev (Kyrgyzstan

> WOSTOK      an exhibition curated by  Lizzy Mayrl / DIALOG CENTRAL

Wostok – the East

is the common denominator shared by artists Christoph Grill and Shailo Djekshenbaev. "The East" means here the area of the former Sovjet Union, which serves both artists as a point of departure for their research; the present exhibition confronts their respective results. Off the classic travelogues track and at a far remove from stereotyped notions their photographic works investigate what the quest for foreign lands entails, what the fascination of one´s other consists in. What are the differences, what are similarities, despite cultural differences? Grill´s and Djekshenbaev´s engagements revolve around their own states mind, ideas, anxieties expectations, and the confrontation with the living conditions and fates of others.

Christoph Grill has been traveling throughout the former Sovjet republics for the past ten years, trying to document the former Sovjet Union´s  15 successor states´arduous paths toward independence. What he encounters during his travels is something essential: the attempt of human beings to survive in the shadows.

Although the Kyrgyz artist Shailo Djekshenbaev has been represented internationally since 1995, he first traveled to "the West" in 2006; his particular focus is on subjective perceptions of the tensions between the two larger cultures.

special program: Gallerynight  19th november > "Kyrgyz Night " > start 7pm

duration of the exhibition: 1st november – 22nd november 2008 
opening hours:  thursday+friday 7pm - 10pm + saturday 11am – 3pm

or make an appointment , tel:++43 6991 920 9000 gerhart scholz

contact: atelier gerhart scholz laimgrubengasse 18/2 1060 vienna, austria +43 6991 920 9000

Invitation WOSTOK ; PDF file (193kb)


First Women Film Festival

8 – 10 February, 2008 at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Art in Bishkek

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Association for dialogue with Centralasia in arts, science, education and social concerns.

Mag. Lizzy Mayrl,

founder, managing director, independent curator, artist

contact: +43 664 7870446

Mag. Cholpon Lahodynsky
Dr. Roman Lahodynsky
Heike Gabriel
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