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Founded 2007 in Vienna, based on the experiences of the former organisation Artconnection: A.C.-Intercultural Art Consolidation (2001-2006), registered in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan.

Artconnection realised a number of artsymposia in Kyrgyzstan, exhibitions and presentations in Europe and Centralasia and contributed towards the dialogue between European and Centralasian artists. Artconnection received high public attention and created an increasing appreciation as well as understanding of Centralasian culture in the west.


Promotes and intends to create links to Centralasia through interdisciplinary projects, exhibitions, presentations, lectures, conferences, symposia a.s.o. in the field of contemporary art (including all possible artistic media),  culture, science, education and social concerns.

Mag. Lizzy Mayrl,

founder and managing director of both organisations, she archieved competences through many years of activities in Centralasia (Organizer of symposia and exhibitions, consultant for the Swiss Developing Organisation DEZA to set up an artcenter in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan, lecturer at the University of Culture in Tashkent / Uzbekistan), she was able to create contacts to artists, cultural workers, scientists, NGO´s, organizations and governmental institutions.

Further planned projects should implement and enhance the understanding in Europe for the Centralasian culture, they are supposed to develop more dialogue and are considered to support the development of the centralasian culture and society.


Is developing concepts and ideas as well as their realization in various areas
Is supporting the social and cultural exchange between different cultures

Is establishing a network between people working in the cultural field in Europe and Centralasia


Has currently partners in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, is intending to expand the co-operation partners in Kasachstan and Tajikistan.